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Check the 2019 Jamieson Creek Forest Service Road Status for the 2019 status report

The Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road Report highlights the current conditions of the road. This blog post by Firefox Enterprises is a companion post to the 2018 Thompson Flood Watch case study, that was started in March and will continue on until the rivers crest.

The information has been posted as a public service to alert travellers of the current road conditions, and to provide information, in the form of aerial photos and videos to the maintainer of Jamieson Creek Road.  This actionable media captured with our UAV’s can help the maintainer make informed decisions on how to correct the issues with the road.

The media captured during these UAV flight mission shows the value of UAV aerial inspections for infrastructure projects.  See below for information on the sinkhole on the west side of the bridge at kilometre 1.0, and the erosion and washout of the road at kilometre 4.25 (just before the third bridge)


To get to Jamieson Creek, travel north from the Dunes Golf Course at Kamloops on Westsyde Road for 12.9 km to the Jamieson Creek Main Haul Road. Turn left and begin your adventure.

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road Status

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road August 6, 2018


We have been away for a while working out of province and unable to provide updates.  Today, we received a message from Deb J. with a new status update!

Jamieson Creek forest services road in Kamloops is accessible from Km 0 up...some narrow spots...some rocky...wouldn't suggest a large travel trailer, but it is driveable. We went all the way to Km 32 today from Km 0

Deb J.Jamieson Creek Road Status Update Contributor

Thank you very much Deb J. for the status update!
We plan on completing our final UAV flight missions along the Jamieson Creek forest services road near the end of August or beginning of September.  Once complete we will push notifications to social media.

Thanks for following our work.

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road May 20, 2018

Kilometre 1.0 – ROAD CLOSED

Sometime during the past week, the operator of the Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road has barricaded the road for public safety purposes.  The sinkhole that was developing at kilometre 1.0 has increased, and now extends past the middle of the bridge.  There is a substantial amount of work to be completed before the soils against the abutment can be removed the road structure can be repaired. Assuming that it may be some time before they can repair the road.

Notice in the photo gallery for this UAV flight mission the image that captures the abutment on the west side below the bridge, with the major crack from top to bottom. This would be a difficult photo to capture safely without using a UAV.

Switched up the video a bit this time to include travel from Westsyde Chevron out to the Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road.  It is about a 17 minute drive, compressed down to 3.5 minutes, with 30 seconds of UAV aerial video at the end highlighting the area at the west side of the bridge in need of repair.

Water levels have dropped since last week.

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road KM 1.0 UAV Aerial Photos
Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road May 12, 2018

Kilometre 1.0

A sinkhole is developing at kilometre 1.0 on the Jamieson Creek road, at the north west corner of the bridge. (far side of bridge, left hand side if you are travelling empty).  The area has been delineated with blue spray paint, which highlights the surface cracks.

The images included in the gallery below highlight the area from above, and several different angles which would be difficult to capture without a UAV.  The images show that the abutments, which are constructed of concrete look like they are in great shape. The sloughing at the corner appears to be due to erosion at the base of the abutment.

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road May 12, 2018

Kilometre 4.25

Jamieson Creek is eroding the Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road at kilometre 4.25, just before the third bridge.  The washout has been increasing in size over the past month or so as water flow and velocity increases due to spring run-off.

A series of UAV aerial photos were taken at this location on May 12, 2018.  Images captured from several different angles show how the road has eroded. The birds-eye view photo gives you a good idea how much of the road has disappeared.

It is unknown if the road maintainer will make any efforts to install rip-rap and rebuild the road base and surface before high waters have subsided.

Please note that the washout would be difficult to see at night time; keep to the left for safety at kilometre 4.25.

Please check out Thompson Flood Watch case study for more relative information

Thompson Flood Watch Case Study

Thompson Flood Watch Jamieson Creek


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