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The Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road Report highlights the current conditions of the road. This blog post by Firefox Enterprises is a companion post to the 2019 Thompson Flood Watch case study, that will resume in April and will continue on until the rivers crest.

The information has been posted as a public service to alert travellers of the current road conditions, and to provide information, in the form of aerial photos and videos to the maintainer of Jamieson Creek Road.  This actionable media captured with our UAV’s can help the maintainer make informed decisions on how to correct the issues with the road.


To get to Jamieson Creek, travel north from the Dunes Golf Course at Kamloops on Westsyde Road for 12.9 km to the Jamieson Creek Main Haul Road. Turn left and begin your adventure.

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road Status

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road February 17, 2019


The Jamieson Creek FSR is in excellent condition today.  The road has been recently graded.  There is good traction on the compact snow surface.

Several people were out today cross country skiing, sledding and just enjoying the afternoon

Weather conditions at the base were -3 C and sunny, and conditions at around KM 25 were -8 C and sunny.  A beautiful day for a back-country adventure.

Note: There are active logging operations on the Jamieson Creek FSR.  While they appeared to have the day off, please remember that this is a radio controlled road.  Look for channel RR-4 on your radio and call all ‘must-call’ kilometre signs

Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road Photos KM 0.0 to KM 27

Please check out Thompson Flood Watch case study for more relative information

Thompson Flood Watch Case Study

Thompson Flood Watch Jamieson Creek

2018 Jamieson Creek Forest Services Road Status


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