Introduction to Privacy for UAV Operations

Firefox Corporate UAV Operations Privacy Policy

The Privacy of our Clients, the public and businesses is of utmost importance. All Flight Mission Crew must take into account the privacy of our neighbours and respect that privacy. At no time shall any employee of Firefox Enterprises International Inc. unlawfully invade the privacy of adjacent businesses or the general public. Flight Mission Notifications are an integral component of all flight mission operations to maintain privacy for the public.  As per our corporate policy manual, these notifications must be distributed in advance of any flight mission within built-up areas, or as required.

Privacy is maintained through corporate policy and training. It is discussed throughout the entire corporate UAV training program and integrated into our documentation system. Using a proactive approach to privacy concerns ensures that the general public’s right to privacy is maintained.

UAV Flight Mission Notification Card

We have developed a system to notify adjacent land owners of planned UAV flight missions when privacy may be a concern. This notification system gives the person the opportunity to contact us and request that any images or video captured that includes a portion of their property are edited to hide a portion of the image or video.

Notifications will be distributed by either the Client, the client representative or Firefox personnel. We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your privacy.

The card is double sided.  On the back you will find the location, client name and date of the UAV flight mission.  Also on the back are the office phone number and a special email address for you to use to send any inquiries.

We take your privacy very seriously and encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns.

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