Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Acronyms

    Below is a list of commonly used acronyms used when writing about or discussing unmanned aerial vehicles.

    ACCArea Control Centre
    AGLAbove Ground Level
    ARVAutonomous Robotic Vehicle
    ASLAbove Sea Level
    ATCAir Traffic Control
    ATSAir Traffic Service
    BVLOSBeyond Visual Line of Site
    CACCCivil Aviation Communications Centre
    CAIRSCivil Aviation Issues Reporting System (decommissioned; refer to CACC)
    CARsCanadian Aviation Regulations
    CYRCanadian Restricted Airspace
    FICFlight information Center
    FIRFlight Information Region
    FPVFirst Person View
    GLONASSGlobalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema, or Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS; Russian)
    GPSGlobal Positioning System
    IFRInstrument Flight Rules
    IMCInstrument Meteorological Conditions
    MANOPSManual Operations
    MSLMean Sea Level
    NOTAMNotice to Airmen
    NMNautical Mile
    RDIMSRecords Documents Information Management Systems
    SFOCSafe Flight Operations Certificate
    SIStaff Instruction
    SOPStandard Operating Procedures
    TCTransport Canada
    TPTransport Canada Publication
    UASUnmanned Aircraft System
    UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
    VFRVisual Flight Rules
    VLOSVisual Line Of Sight
    VMCVisual Meteorological Conditions

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