Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulations in Canada


UAV       Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

SFOC     Safe Flight Operations Certificate

CARs      Canadian Aviation Regulations


Transport Canada has been hard at work developing regulations to govern the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for private and commercial use for the safety of manned aircraft and the general public.  The primary difference between flying an unmanned aerial vehicle for recreational or commercial purposes is:

  • Recreational: Safe Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) not required, providing the flight activities and parameters and the UAV meet Canadian Aviation Regulations and standards
  • Commercial: Safe Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) always required

Transport Canada has produced some useful documents to help you determine if you require to apply for a safe flight operations certificate. Anyone that is, or is planning on, piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle needs to check the regulations set forth by Transport Canada to determine whether or not they require a SFOC.

Recreational UAV Flights

Commercial UAV Flights

Transport Canada is actively enforcing the Canadian Aviation Regulations.  A simple web search will give you results on unmanned aerial vehicle accidents and incidents where pilots have not completed their due diligence and received fines (which can be up to $25,000) for not being in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).  As stated above, the CARs are there for a reason; for our safety.  Never hire a contractor that does not possess a valid Safe Flight Operations Certificate.

The following sections go into greater deal on safety and planning to help you understand Transport Canada, Flight Operations and Firefox Enterprises International Inc. rules and regulations in the development and planning of Safe Flight Missions.

Please note that the Canadian Aviation Regulations have moved from the Transport Canada website to the Justice Laws Website

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