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IG Machine & Fiber


Canadian Owned

This IG Machine & Fiber facility mines and produces the grit that you see on your asphalt shingles. Learn more in the UAV project below.

The Client engaged Firefox to complete an unmanned aerial vehicle mission this summer to capture aerial photographs of their plant site.

This was a fantastic project to work on.  Their mine site is one of the most clean and organized mines we have ever seen.  They take pride in their operation, and it shows.

We conducted several UAV flight missions, capturing aerial photos of specific areas on their property, completed a UAV aerial video mission, and a mapping mission.  Their personnel were friendly and great to work with.  The resulting aerial photographs turned out great.

UAV Aerial Mapping

3D Stockpile Generation

The high definition 3D model of the stockpile was generated by capturing several hundred UAV aerial photographs and processing the photos using specialized software.

Zooming in on the model, you can actually count the rocks on the ground.  Models like this are used for visualization purposes.

Stockpile volumes were generated after the image processing was completed.  This information was passed on to the Client to be used for their monthly inventory.


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