Barriere Water Distribution System Aerial Photo Gallery

UAV Flight Mission

  • Coordinates: not posted (multiple locations)
  • Airspace Classification: G
  • Flight Difficulty Level: Advanced
  • Obstacles: Trees, Buildings, Utilities
  • Hazards: Manned Aircraft, Vegetation, Wind, Wildlife

Airspace Classification

The subject property is located outside the 9.0 Km radius of the Kamloops – CYKA – FSS, Clearwater and Shuswap aerodromes.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Drone flight missions were conducted following protocols for Class G airspace as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations to fly at this location.  Please reference the Canadian Aviation Regulations and see our UAV Regulations page for more information.

Unmanned aerial vehicle flight missions at this location require special considerations.  Permission was granted by the District of Barriere to conduct unmanned aerial vehicle flights at the various locations.  Safety considerations included monitoring for manned aircraft and the general public.  Our visual observer ensured our UAV stayed within line of site and also assisted with sense and avoid situations.  Privacy of local landowners was also considered and respected.

Actionable Data

The image to the left shows the final layout of the four relative communication locations for the water distribution system.  Capture of GPS coordinates and elevations and UAV aerial photos assisted in determining line of site challenges.

Topography, vegetation and buildings play a role in communication system positioning.  Using this actionable data, the District of Barriere is able to plan the communication system set up.

UAV Flight Mission Notes

Working directly with the Senior Utilities Specialist of the District of Barriere was very helpful in acquiring the precise locations of each of the proposed radio communication points.  Doug Borrill directed Firefox to the proposed points and doubled as an additional visual observer.  Thank you Doug for your assistance.

Some of the challenges involved with the unmanned aerial vehicle mission included monitoring for the locations of obstacles such as power lines and trees.  Wildlife, such as birds, are always a concern when conducting UAV flight missions.  The safety and privacy of the general public was maintained and our visual observers did a great job of communicating safety concerns during the UAV flight missions.  Thank you Cory and Doug.

About the District of Barriere

Barriere, British Columbia, is a peaceful community located about 35 minutes north of Kamloops.  Local industry consists of forestry products, mining, agriculture and small business.  Barriere is famous for the Fall Fair Rodeo, which is hosted around September long weekend – a must see attraction!  Thank you to Tasha Buchanan and Doug Borrill for giving Firefox the opportunity to work with you on this project.

Web link: District of Barriere