Jamieson Creek Aerial Photo Gallery


UAV Flight Mission

  • Coordinates: 50°54’40.21″N, 120°19’9.51″W
  • Airspace Classification: G
  • Flight Difficulty Level: Advanced
  • Obstacles: Trees and Deadfall
  • Hazards: Water, Vegetation, Low Bridge, Tight Landing Area

UAV Flight Mission Notes

Piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle over moving water has it’s own set of challenges.  That coupled with a low count of GPS/GLONASS satellites and tight spaces due to vegetation makes flying at this location challenging to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Some of the aerial photos and aerial video was captured within 15 cm of the water.  Care has to be taken to stay away from rapids, that are creating spray or mist, to keep your UAV dry and the camera lens cover clean.

Take care while crossing the larger of the two logs crossing over to the island.  In dry conditions, crossing the log is relatively safe.  Good footwear will help.

Fly safe and enjoy the beauty Kamloops has to offer!


  • Watch for manned aircraft (no matter how unlikely)
  • Be bear aware and watch for wildlife
  • Slips, trips, falls – wet rocks, undergrowth, balancing while crossing log
  • Bug spray
  • Proper footwear with ankle support

Please help us keep our environment green

Location Map

See below for coordinates, directions and a map for getting to the Jamieson Creek trail.


Westsyde Road and 8th Street: 50°42’43.63″N, 120°21’56.74″W
Jamieson Creek Main Haul Road: 50°52’52.13″N, 120°16’35.47″W
Jamieson Creek Bridge Pull-out: 50°54’39.89″N, 120°19’8.72″W


Travel from the intersection of 8th Street, Ord Road, Batchelor Hills Drive and Westsyde Road for 20.5 Km to Jamieson Creek Main Haul Road.  Turn left.
Travel for approximately 4.8 Km on unpaved secondary road to parking area.  Please note that there are several large potholes on this road.  While the location is accessible by car, make sure you take your time.  Also, watch for logging trucks, pedestrians and wildlife.
You can park your vehicle on the east (right) side of the road just before the bridge.  Take care when parking to ensure your vehicle is far enough off of the road and ensure your windows are rolled up to keep the dust out.
Take care while crossing the road.  The log that crosses from the edge of the clearing to the island/picnic area within 50 metres of the parking area.