Kamloops Golf and Country Club Aerial Photo Gallery

UAV Flight Mission

  • Coordinates: not posted
  • Airspace Classification: E
  • Flight Difficulty Level: Advanced
  • Obstacles: Trees, Buildings
  • Hazards: Manned Aircraft, Water, Vegetation, Wind, Wildlife

Airspace Classification

The subject property is located within the 9.0 Km radius of the Kamloops Flight Service Station (CYKA – FSS).  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Drone flight missions were conducted following protocols for Class E airspace as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations to fly at this location.  Please reference the Canadian Aviation Regulations and see our UAV Regulations page for more information.

Unmanned aerial vehicle flight missions at this location require special considerations.  Contact with Transport Canada, Nav Canada and FSS operations is mandatory.  Additional requirements are required by the UAV manufacturer to unlock the UAV to fly within the No Fly Zone.

Left is a photograph of the flight crew with one of our safety controls.  Safety controls are an integral part of our safe flight operations.

Visual aids, such as this a-board, let people know about our flight missions.  One board was placed at the club house, and one at the tee box.  The a-boards received great reviews from the patrons at KGCC.

Thank you to Funk Signs here in Kamloops for manufacturing a great product for us!

UAV Flight Mission Notes

Filming at the Kamloops Golf and Country Club was fun and enjoyable!  It was a great experience working with Brice MacDermott, filming from the tee box to the fairway to the green.

There are many challenges filming at locations where client patrons are actively using services.  That mixed with the close proximity of manned aircraft taking off and landing required additional safety controls to be put in place to maintain safe flight missions.  Personnel timed missions to ensure patrons were clear of the flight mission area and the air band radio was monitored for manned aircraft.

About Kamloops Golf and Country Club

KGCC has just recently celebrated their 100th anniversary!  KGCC is a beautiful golf course located just north of the airport in Kamloops, British Columbia.  The staff at the club house and the Willows restaurant are very friendly and accommodating.  This is a must-see/must-experience golf course for everyone.

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