North Thompson Fall Fair Rodeo Aerial Photo Gallery


UAV Flight Mission

  • Coordinates: 51°11’41.64″N, 120° 7’28.11″W
  • Airspace Classification: G
  • Flight Difficulty Level: Advanced
  • Obstacles: Trees, Buildings, Utilities
  • Hazards: Manned Aircraft, General Public, Livestock, Vegetation, Wind, Wildlife

Airspace Classification

The subject property is located outside the 9.0 Km radius of the Kamloops – CYKA – FSS, Clearwater and Shuswap aerodromes.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Drone flight missions were conducted following protocols for Class G airspace as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations to fly at this location.  Please reference the Canadian Aviation Regulations and see our UAV Regulations page for more information.

Flight Planning and Safety

Unmanned aerial vehicle flight missions at this location require special considerations.  Permission was granted by the NTFFRA to conduct unmanned aerial vehicle flights.  Advanced safety considerations included pre-planning, special flight mission parameters, additional engineering controls, additional safety meetings, coordination and communication with event supervisors and volunteers, monitoring for manned aircraft and the general public.  Privacy of local landowners was also considered and respected.

Left is a photograph of the rodeo grounds during the lawn tractor races.  There was heavy rain the previous night, making the rodeo grounds quite wet and making the lawn tractor races even more entertaining.

Many upgrades have been completed throughout the Fall Fair grounds.  Several buildings have been updated and some new buildings have been constructed.

There is plenty of parking within the fair grounds for RV’s, and an overflow camp ground located to the north, provided by Carmen Smith.

North Thompson Fall Fair Rodeo UAV Aerial Videos

UAV aerial videos were captured at 3 separate locations throughout the Fall Fair grounds.  The first location was at the south end of the race track, near the south gate.  The second location was next to the garden, east of the agri-plex and the third location was off the Fall Fair grounds at the north end of the track.

The videos are best viewed on a large screen, such as a PC monitor or television.  Higher than normal above ground elevations were maintained to ensure that livestock was not bothered by the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Lawn Tractor Races – Feature Video

Wet weather did not dampen the spirits of the lawn tractor race teams! Heavy rain overnight created thick, soupy surface mud making it very challenging for racers to maneuver around the rodeo arena. This also created some entertaining antics that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

Lawn Tractor Races – Full Race

The lawn tractor racers, as you can see in this video, provided a great deal of entertainment for the crowd in the grand stand!

The dust is normally flying and so are the lawn tractors.  On this day we had all sorts of antics going on.  Fun for the whole family.

Laughing Logger Show – “Good as Wood!”

The team from the Laughing Logger provide a wonderful, entertaining show for people of all ages.
The feature video to the left contains highlights captured during the 45 minute event.

Laughing Logger Show – Log Roll Challenge

The log roll competition was the final event of the logging show, and it was awesome!  Ben and his logger make it look easy; imagine yourself on the log!

Keep an eye out for when Ben kicks water in the face of his fellow logger and wins the log rolling competition!

Pony Chariot Races

This pony chariot race was captured from the north end of the track at an above ground elevation of 200 feet (~60 metres).

Thank you to Carmen Smith for permitting our flight crew to conduct the flight mission from his property.  The track conditions had improved after some drying time and the dust started to fly.  Enjoy the exciting race!

UAV Flight Mission Notes

This UAV media capture mission had several challenges and safety concerns to address prior to conducting the flight mission.  A site visit and inspection was completed in advance to determine site specific hazards and also to determine safe flight mission areas.  The two primary factors affecting flight mission planning were the general public and livestock.

Additional engineering controls were used to isolate flight mission areas from the general public.  Controls consisted of signs which notify people about the flight and rope used to delineate the flight mission area.  Administrative safety controls consisted of the ground supervisor notifying people about the flight and ensuring that they stayed out of the flight mission area.

Fall Fair event personnel and competitors attended safety meetings, conducted by Firefox Enterprises staff, prior to each flight mission.  All event personnel within the flight mission area were made into visual observers, and aware of any safety concerns associated with the flight mission.

Some of the primary safety concerns associated with the project include:

  1. General Public – many people at the Fall Fair and around the flight mission areas; use engineering and administrative controls to keep people out of the flight mission areas
  2. Livestock – primary concern with horses was noise from the UAV and the shadow it creates on the ground; keep clear of livestock
  3. Structures – many buildings throughout the Fall Fair grounds; sense and avoid
  4. Utilities – power lines located around the Fall Fair grounds; sense and avoid
  5. Wildlife – birds within the Fall Fair grounds and our flight mission areas; sense and avoid
  6. Noise – Between the rodeo announcers, the events and the crowd there was a great deal of noise.  Flight Mission personnel stayed close together to communicate clearly

Meteorological conditions were favorable during all flight missions.  Wind speeds did not exceed 12 km/h, based on readings from our portable weather station.
This UAV flight mission was conducted successfully, and without incident.

About Barriere, British Columbia and the NTFFRA

Barriere, British Columbia, is a peaceful community located about 35 minutes north of Kamloops.  Local industry consists of forestry products, mining, agriculture and small business.  Barriere is famous for the Fall Fair Rodeo, which is hosted around September long weekend – a must see attraction!  Also, the 4-H and Lions clubs are a big part of the community.  Thank you to the NTFFRA and Jill Hayward for giving Firefox the opportunity to work with you on this project.

Web link: North Thompson Fall Fair Rodeo


Thank you to the following people for your assistance with our UAV aerial video and photo capture project:

  • Frank Holt – Tractor Races Organizer – PrairieCoast Equipment
  • Ben Lefler – Logging Show Organizer – Laughing Logger
  • Carmen Ross – Rodeo side Organizer
  • Val Williams – Pilot assistant
  • Cory Buchanan – Pilot assistant