Tranquille River Aerial Photo Gallery


UAV Flight Mission

  • Coordinates: 50°44’38.50″N, 120°30’51.43″W
  • Airspace Classification: E
  • Flight Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  • Obstacles: Trees and Deadfall, Small Building, Steel Structures
  • Hazards: Water, Vegetation, Wind

Airspace Classification Notification

Tranquille River is located within the 9.0 Km radius of the Kamloops Flight Service Station (CYKA – FSS).  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Drone operators are required to follow protocols as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations to fly at this location.  Please reference the Canadian Aviation Regulations and see our UAV Regulations page for more information.

UAV Flight Mission Notes

As with the Jamieson Creek flight mission area, piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle over moving water has its own set of challenges.  Be cautious when flying over water.  There is good satellite reception in this area (> 10).  The area is located in a relatively open area, which will allow you to pilot your UAV without too many restrictions from obstacles such as trees or embankments.

Some of the aerial photos and aerial video was captured within 15 cm of the water.  Care has to be taken to stay away from rapids, that are creating spray or mist, to keep your UAV dry and the camera lens cover clean (same as Jamieson Creek).

The water station area is fenced off, and has ‘no trespassing signs’ posted.  Take care if you decide to cross the river.  As of June, the water was still running strong making the crossing risky.  Ensure you have good footwear.

Fly safe and enjoy the beauty Kamloops has to offer!


  • Watch for manned aircraft
  • Be bear aware and watch for wildlife
  • Slips, trips, falls – wet rocks, undergrowth, strong currents
  • Bug spray; lots of mosquitoes
  • Proper footwear with ankle support
  • Water for hydration

Please help us keep our environment green

Location Map

See below for coordinates, directions and a map for getting to Tranquille River Trail.


Tranquille Road and Farm Road: 50°42’42.94″N, 120°25’52.80″W
Y in Road: 50°43’31.72″N, 120°30’15.41″W
Turn-off to parking area: 50°43’39.17″N, 120°31’14.10″W


Travel west from the intersection of Tranquille Road and Farm Road , just before the Kamloops Golf and Country Club, for 5.5 Km. Keep right at the Y in the road .  Travel for 1.5 Km (cross the railroad tracks and follow the windy road) and turn right.  There is a parking area about 230 metres off of the main road with lots of room to turn around.
Park, put on your bug spray and your backpack.  Walk through the gate and you are on Tranquille Trail.  There is a gentle incline all of the way to the Tranquille water station.  There are several marshy areas along the trail and a very large population of mosquitoes.  The walk, at a normal pace, is about 20 to 25 minutes to the Pine Park water station.
Please note that there are ‘No Tresspassing’ signes posted at the water station posted for our safety.  You can walk around the station and cross the creek if you don’t mind wet feet.  Use caution during high water.