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UAV Flight Mission Process

The following steps show the high level overview of the steps that are taken to complete an unmanned aerial vehicle flight mission, and deliver the media to you, the client.

Initial Contact and Consultation

Contact Us

Phone, email or contact us through social media

Determine Your Needs

We determine your needs by working together


Determine the best time to complete the UAV media capture missions

Pre-Deployment Review

Review the Airspace

Use Nav Canada VNC to determine the airspace

Land Interest Review

Use mapping tools and other sources to determine local land interests

Site Specific Safety Plan

Start development of the site specific safety plan to ensure everyone’s safety

Site Survey

Travel to the Work Area and Inspect

Complete a comprehensive inspection of the work area to build our flight mission deployment document

Safety and Privacy

Complete a hazard assessment to gather information for the Site Specific Safety Plan.  Consider privacy of adjacent land owners

Develop Mission Parameters

Determine the work area limits and flight mission limits

Notifications and Permissions

Client Permission Letter

Submit letter to you requesting written permission to conduct the flight missions

ATC and FSS Coordination

Contact ATC or FSS to coordinate flights within any control zones (48 to 72 hours in advance).  Contact Transport Canada for NOTAM if required


Contact adjacent land owners, businesses and agencies as required

Firefox Enterprises UAV Flight Mission

Mobilize Flight Mission Crew

Prepare and travel to the work location

Acquire UAV Photos, Video and other Data

Complete the flight mission.  Gather required site specific data

Demobilize Flight Mission Crew

Complete flight mission. Clean-up work area. Return to home base

Media Processing, Documentation and Delivery

Raw or Processed Media

We will provide you with the raw, unedited photos and video, or process the media for you

Document Control and Reporting

We log all of our flight mission activities from safety meetings, to check lists and flight mission notes creating a flight mission report

The Final Product

All media and documentation processed and acquired is provided to you in a final package

Contact us and let us work with you to determine your needs!

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