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Aerial Imagery – What We Create

This page is dedicated to showing you, the Client, some of the imagery we are able to create using unmanned aerial vehicles and image processing.

Aerial Photos

Aerial Video

High Definition Aerial Video

The video to the left was captured at the Valleyview Silt Bluffs, east of Kamloops, British Columbia.  Thank you to my fellow adventurers at this location for sharing information on the Valleyview Silt Bluffs.

Years and years of erosion have created spectacular geological features within the canyons to the east of Kamloops.  It is a short 15 minute drive from town along Shuswap Road East.  Well worth the trip to capture photos and enjoy the day.

Site Inspection

The image to the left represents images captured during the civil and mechanical construction segments of a waste disposal facility, over time.  These two photos were captured about 5 weeks apart, photo 2 being captured near the end of September.

Imagery like this is used to monitor project progress, and to identify issues that may not be obvious from the ground.

A total of 65 photos were taken at this location, over a period of 75 days.  As always, unmanned aerial vehicle flight missions are subject to current meteorological conditions.  There were 10 days where there was either rain, or wind speeds exceeding 35 km/h.

The resulting media enabled the client to inform investors of the current project status with real-time information.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Imaging

Comparison Imagery – Click and hold the slide bar in the middle of the image to see the changes.

The photo comparison above was created using our NDVI mapping UAV system, which is generally used in the agricultural industry. NDVI is an acronym that stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Imaging.  These images are used by agricultural professionals to visualize and track crop health over time.

The imagery on the left hand side, which is pink in colour, is the original area that was mapped and converted into an orthomosaic image.  The imagery on the right hand side has been processed into an index map based on the original orthomosaic image.  Areas that are red in colour indicate crop stress, or areas that are not producing as well as others, which are green in colour.

UAV Aerial Mapping/GIS: Stockpile Volumetric Measurements

To the right is an example of how media acquired through UAV photo capture can be processed and converted into actionable data.  Need surface area measurements of a building, or stockpile volumes?  Our UAV Aerial GIS/Mapping services will provide you with actionable data that will meet your needs.

Aerial mapping using unmanned aerial vehicles is a convenient way to get accurate 2D and 3D measurements quickly and cost effectively. Rough measurements of embankments, rock slopes, stockpiles and pits and structural surfaces, such as buildings, can be obtained in a short time. Accurate measurements can be generated within hours of completing the flight mission.

Length, area and volume measurements can be captured from many subjects, of various sizes. Contact us to find out how we can help you save time and money with our UAV Aerial GIS/Mapping services.

Contact us and let us work with you to determine your needs!

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